I am a grain-free, seafood-eating vegan (aka pescaterian - yes, it's a thing) who sometimes struggles to find something interesting to eat in restaurants. Here is my list of my favorite Coral Springs restaurants who have at least one delectable dish I enjoy.

1. Pieology - In addition to "regular" pizzas, customers can choose either a cauliflower or a cassava crust. Don't want cheese? No problem. Go without or pay $1.00 extra for Daiya vegan mozzarella. Don't eat meat, but used to enjoy the taste of hamburger? Add $1.00 and get a tasty Beyond Burger meatball crumbled enticingly over your pizza. The rest of the toppings are free. There's a wide selection and you can choose as many as you like.  

2. Bonefish Mac's Sports Grille - Extensive menu with something for everyone. Lots of salad bowls, and many entrees featuring salmon, tuna, shrimp and dolphin. (THIS IS DOLPHINFISH AKA MAHI-MAHI. NOT FLIPPER.) Veggie burgers are popular as is the grilled Portobello mushroom burger.

3. Miller's Ale House - This sports bar has a wide selection of entrees, but my favorite is their apple, cranberry, walnut salad. It's delicious. Top that off with sweet potato fries and a yummy dipping sauce, and you've got yourself a healthy, satisfying meal.

4. Big Bear Brewing Company is a favorite with the locals. Nice atmosphere, homemade brews, delicious cocktails, and good food all at reasonable prices keeps this place hopping. Their gluten-free options include veggie burgers, gluten-free hamburger buns made with brown rice flour, and gluten-free pasta. My favorite dish is their volcano shrimp appetizer with a sweet chili, garlic Thai sauce over Asian slaw and topped with a peanut dressing. Wonderful.

5. Whole Foods. Their hot food counter has a great variety of delectable vegetables with a twist. Many selections combine flavors in an unusual but successful way. Other choices include salmon, some type of white fish or shrimp.