South Florida is condo country, and provide a great solution for people who don't want to worry about cutting the grass or making roof repairs. Whether you're here all-year-round or just stopping in to soak up the winter sun, a condo might be the right fit for you. But before you buy, here are are some pros and cons of owning a condo in South Florida.


  • Many condominium complexes have tight security with cameras and security guards.
  • Florida doesn't require Homeowner's Insurance since the condo association's master plan covers the common areas.
  • No yard maintenance.
  • Most complexes include a pool, and many have a fully-equipped fitness room. Some also have tennis courts.
  • Oceanfront condos offer scenic views and terrific exercise opportunities.


  • You'll need a minimum 20% down payment if financing the purchase.
  • Many condos restrict breed and weight of dogs or prohibit all of them.
  • If the condo association doesn't have enough money in reserves, owners may be required to pay a mandatory special assessment fee to cover the cost of repairs. Failure to pay can result in foreclosure.
  • Condo rules can be any legal thing that the majority vote in. Make sure you read them before you buy. For example, the association may not allow pickup trucks or motorcycles.
  • Noisy neighbors might be a nuisance.


If you're interested in buying a South Florida oceanfront condo, here's some options.