When someone decides the time’s right to sell their home, they usually clean it, remove clutter, and maybe improve the landscaping curb appeal. Once everything is bright and shiny, they’ll probably start to look for a Realtor.

The first thing most people want to know is the suggested list price which is immediately followed by a commission discussion. That’s great, but many owners never ask one of the most important questions of all: What kind of lockbox will you be using?

In South Florida, unless the seller wants the agent to be present during all the showings, the house keys will need to be secured in one of two types of lockboxes: combination or electronic (Supra).

Everyone’s seen combination locks. There’s some type of panel where you either press numbers in a specific order, or there’s a wheel where you line up numbers in a particular order. When the sequence is correct, pressing a lever will open the front panel, allowing the showing agent to retrieve the keys from the interior compartment. The locks are relatively cheap, and anyone can open the box if they’ve got the code.

That’s the problem. Anyone can open the box if they’ve got the code. Many lazy real estate agents who don’t want to get off their ample duffs and who don’t give a damn about the seller will give the code to prospective buyers. Anybody who calls them can access the keys to your home!

Okay, that sounds bad. What’s the alternative? The answer is to require them to use an electronic Supra lockbox which they can lease from their Realtor association. If they refuse to do it, move on to your next choice.

There are multiple advantages to using a Supra box.

  • Only Realtors have the app downloaded on their cell phones that allow them to open the boxes via a Bluetooth connection.
  • The listing agent gets a message whenever anyone opens the box, displaying the agent’s name.
  • The listing agent can configure the software to request feedback from the buyer’s agent for multiple days after the showing.

Be smart and protect yourself and your belongs.