Our Florida (Opportunities for Utilities and Rental Assistance) is a federally funded relief program for Florida landlords and tenants. Eligible applicants can receive assistance for rent payments and utility bills.


Landlords can apply to receive past due rent and three months future rent. The total can’t exceed fifteen months of payments. Documentation includes:

    • Identification

    • Proof of ownership

    • Notice of late rent, eviction notice or court eviction filing


The application process for renters is much more complicated. In order to be approved, tenants must provide the following documentation:

  • Suffer financial hardship. At least one adult member of the household must be eligible for unemployment benefits, had their income reduced because of Covid-19, had increased expenses because of Covid-19 or had other financial hardships because of Covid-19.

  • Copy of a lease or proof of past rental payments if there is no lease.

  • Proof or attestation of rental arrears. Tenant can provide late rent or eviction notices from landlord or court. Landlord can also attest that tenant has missed payments. If landlord doesn’t cooperate, tenant can attest that they’ve missed payments.


Tenants can apply for utility assistance without applying for rental assistance. They’ll need to provide utility bills or proof of payment. There is no assistance for cable, telephone or internet bills.


For more information, go to: https://ourflorida.com